Banking & Finance,Insurance & Fund management

Mahee partnered with our banking & finance solutions providers in India and Middle East regions in design and development of integration services for trade finance system.The integration layer has to process different types of trade finance messages including SWIFT between core banking systems and trade finance portal management.


The bridge also offers a web based message dashboard to identify the messages processed in a specific date ranges, category of messages processed, messages succeeded and failed.Mahee team performed a load testing of mid-size CBS - Core banking systems in IBM labs with different set of hardware specifications under various load conditions. The performance reports helps in a bigger way to identify the performance bottlenecks and helps in decision making for tuning.


Mahee experienced in maintaining fund management workflow enabled solutions. The fund management solution has specific but multiple workflows to govern the activities starting from applying for fund, processing, releasing the fund in multiple phases, inspections and receiving repayment collections. This allows banks and financial institutions to manage the complete cycle of retail and corporate products, from application initiation through approval, contract till disbursement.

Mahee develops integration of automotive quotation repair systems with Australia leading claim settlement companies in automotive industry. The integration system maintains a queue to process the messages from various claim settlement systems and process the outgoing messages from the vendor's quotation system to the qualified insurance settlement system.

Mahee develops Java based insurance purchase module as part of the CBS (Core banking system) offering in order to purchase different set of life insurance products and process the purchased insurance to the destination systems.

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